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As US Schools Prioritize Diversity Over Merit, China Is Becoming the World’s STEM Leader

A sobering, if not flat-out disturbing, overview of the state of American education. Progressive DEI policies now seem to fall into two main camps: a) sink-or-swim (fill quotas at all costs, while disregarding people's abilities), or b) "deconstruct" merit-based approaches (which ultimately crushes those with outstanding abilities). Unfortunately, I'm not optimistic about another Sputnik-like awakening taking place anytime soon, as the authors suggest.
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The Economist's cover story this week

"When populists put partisanship before truth, they sabotage good government. When progressives divide people into competing castes, they turn the nation against itself. Both diminish institutions that resolve social conflict. Hence they often resort to coercion, however much they like to talk about justice."
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How Bobos broke America

David Brooks offers some interesting historical, economic and sociocultural context for what's happening today. 
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