Dr Ella Hill

Medical doctor, Racial Trauma Educator
British Medical doctor with a background in NHS Psychiatry, Paediatrics and General Practice. Christian, mother, volunteer youth worker, and Racial Trauma Educator.

‘Freedom of speech’ does not mean the freedom to racially abuse children and young people.

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it? (Please sign, but don’t share link publicly until after 19 September).

My petition:

Ban all ‘race hate preaching’ in schools and universities.

We the public want the Government to ban all sessions and books in schools and universities, including any so-called ‘anti-racism’ education, that directs or compels students to adhere to any belief that any perceived race is inherently oppressive, or that any perceived race cannot experience racism.

‘Racism’ is synonymous with ‘racial trauma’, which refers to the mental and emotional injury caused by race-based dehumanisation, demonisation, harassment, discrimination, victimisation, violence, race-based slavery, war and genocide. The impact of publicly-funded ‘race hate preaching’, (that drives racial harm, and denies that a racial group experiences racial trauma), can lead to clinical depression, anxiety, and PTSD, which makes students more vulnerable to religious and political extremism.

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